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Properties of Schisandra

The SHISANDRA traditionally used as an important tonic herb for the whole body. It offers support and stimulation in many different organs and particularly protects and detoxifies the liver and prevents precancerous action.
Regular consumption of tea Schizandras have very positive effects on mental health, increased energy and good mood, improve concentration and memory. It improves circulation and protects the heart.

It is also considered as an effective sexual stimulant, and women and men, 5 ml of the extract in a glass of wine results in a pleasant relaxing mood ......

Schizandra often used in place of Ginseng, but also in combination with the increase of therapeutic effect.
Laboratory tests showed the red berry contains schizandrin, deoxyschizandrin, schisahnol, schizandrol, essential oils, vitamins C and A. Recent studies conducted in China showed that the active compounds are effective in the treatment of jaundice and hepatitis. The famous herb-medicine specialist, James Duke professor author of "The Green Pharmacy" states that Schizandra may soon become the most effective herbal remedy for liver problems.

The Schizandra use in the manufacture votanofarmakon, which play an important regulatory role in helping our body to adapt to stressful situations that affect the immune system. With the help of these drugs may revitalized our immune system is able to overcome many health problems.



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